• Man Up Classic Skills Book - $11.67

    Man Up Classic Skills Book
    Man Up Classic Skills Book

    Are your man skills seriously lacking? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. That’s why this Man Up Classic Skills Book exists – for men that aren’t really men… yet!

    This book is filled with 367 classic skills that are necessary for all men to become men. Do you want to be a man? Pick up this book. Read it. Use it. Read it again.

    And maybe soon you’ll become a man.

    Topics ranging rom career to relationships and grooming to gaming and more, the guys’ ultimate man-ual (get it?) for living. For every guy too intimidated to ask a question for fear of seeming inexperienced and unworldly, here’s a book to answer all (or most!) of life’s pressing quandaries: Howdo you break off a friendship when it’s not working any longer? What should you cook when a date is coming over for dinner? How do you buy a used car and not get totally taken for a ride? How do you stop a charging dog?

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