• Grow The F*ck Up Book - $10.00

    Grow The F*ck Up Book
    Grow The F*ck Up Book

    Growing up sucks. It’s overrated. Trust me. But when you do eventually want to grow the f*ck up, here’s a hilarious book that can help you out.

    Giggle and shart while gaining a wealth of knowledge. With 44 step-by-step how-to’s, Grow the F*ck Up Book offers late teens and young adults lessons they never received at home or in the classroom. This satirically blunt novel surrounding general knowledge is an absolute must for birthday gifts, graduation presents, holidays, and more.

    Do you know someone that can’t seem to manage their money, prepare for a job interview, use a credit card, turn off the water to the house, or write a resume and cover letter? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then they absolutely need Grow the F*ck Up. The book doesn’t merely scratch the surface. Instead, it takes readers step-by-step through over 40 tasks that all men and women should know how to perform. Want to see what else is covered? Simply check out the section entitled “found inside the flap” below.

    Grow the F*ck Up Book is a MUST when looking to purchase:
    • Birthday gifts for men and women
    • High school graduation presents for him or her
    • Hilarious novelty Items
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    • Holiday presents
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